Couples Therapy

Do you feel disconnected or distant from your partner? Are you or your partner struggling with depression?


Perhaps your relationship has been affected by an external factor that you’re having difficulty adjusting to?

As a Behavioural Couple’s Therapist, I have experience of working with all the various stages and ages of relationships, I am familiar with working with same sex relationships, blended families, open relationships as well as different cultures and the pressures of extended families.  


My approach would be to would work with you both together in order to establish where you are at and how you got there.  I would then feedback my assessment of your relationship and then tailor my interventions accordingly. 

My role here would be to help you both re-connect by encouraging healthy communication and expression.

Sometimes couple’s choose to stay together and

sometimes they decide to part after couple’s

therapy, either way they all seem to benefit from

and appreciate having the couple’s therapy when

in crisis as it enables them to think more clearly

and decide what they really want.

Distanced Couple